Institution Distinctiveness

RV Institute of Technology is established in year of 2008. It is one of the pioneer institute in the Andhra Pradesh. Institute provides quality engineering education to students came from rural areas. 

The Vision and Mission of the institution describes the main objective of the institution.


To impart quality engineering education and offering research opportunities to students with high standards to serve as a valuable resource for the advancement of the society and organizations and impart students with technical values to become great resource of pride for national and global needs.

Mission statements:

  • To implement state of teaching -learning process to our students to become resource for addressing industry and societal needs.
  • Continuous development of infrastructure and to provide latest equipment to our students with practical environment of learning, research, creativity and innovation to become global professionals with ethical and moral values.
  • To collaborative projects with industry not only to address local rural needs but also to imbibe knowledge to solve national and global needs.

The thrust areas focused to achieve “VISION” are

  • R&D Cell
  • Incubation Center & Business Innovation Park
  • MSME Project

The college came in to existence in 2008 our moto “Atto Depo Bhava”(be your own light) motivates us to always work with dedication to enlighten ourselves and t the society’s betterment. So, we have evolved from a humble beginning with few courses, faculty and students with the objective to inculcate honesty and dedication. The college provides ample opportunities to the students from different streams to mingle together in academic as well as sports, cultural and other extracurricular activities organized through different society’s. the spirit of mutual work, discipline, social responsibility towards community and nation building is inculcated through R&D and MSME.

R&D Cell Overview

The R&D Cell aims to foster a research culture in college by promoting research in the emerging and challenging frontier areas of engineering, technology, science and the humanities. It encourages students and faculty to do research in newly emerging border areas, including multidisciplinary areas. It enhances the general research ability of emerging technicians by participating in conferences, seminars, workshops, project competitions, etc.

In order to promote research and development activities, the institute extends its full support to students/ faculty/ staff. Full/Partial financial support is given to all innovative research &development works taken up by the students, faculty and staff members. The college encourages students, faculty and staff to participate in National/International Conferences, Training programs. The institution has a research and development committee in addition to state of art technology R & D cell facilities to facilitate and monitor research activities. The faculty as well as students is actively engaged in reactivity & other research projects.


  • Creating awareness and opportunities in research and development among faculty and students and creating a research and development environment in each department
  • To provide information about various funding agencies, method of applying for projects etc.
  • To create atmosphere among the staff members to take up Research projects and improve their knowledge, skills and qualifications by registering Ph. D‘s
  • To motivate the faculty members of the group for R&D activities in the area of their specialization
  • To undertake research activities and development projects offered by agencies such as DST, MSME, etc
  • To organize various workshops/ seminar/ trainings related to promotion of research
  • To provide adequate infrastructure and support in terms of technology and information needs
  • To guide the faculty and students for submitting proposals to funding agencies as required.

MSME Project

The college contributes towards MSME project to conduct the relevant activities to promote the strength of the distinctiveness of the institution. Through this project we can provide ample opportunities to solve the societal problems.

            Our college provoked a thought to get the solution for the problems that arise regularly arise in the railways while making frequent journeys. In this process of taking determined step to get rid of this problem, i.e the institution introduced a new project supported by the central government under MSME project and was funded the amount of Rs 15,00,000 to make the experiment smoothly. The college enables the students physically and technologically to support the society through their activities regarding MSME.

Objectives of the Ministry of Small Scale Industries

  • To create more employment opportunities.
  • To help and develop the rural and less developed regions of economy.
  • To reduce regional imbalances.
  • Promote holistic development MSME sector and small businesses in the state by providing institutional support.
  • Enable MSME’s access to top class technologies by supporting setting up of common facility center in cluster.

Incubation Center & Business Innovation Park

A new invention, product development becomes very important in every country, and the start-ups become the engines of India’s future economic growth, RV Institute of Technology has established Incubation Center & Business Innovation Park. The idea is to work with the industry to supporting the development of new products and their commercialization and the creation of new start-ups on technology and products by incubation. To encourage students who may be providers for new jobs rather than job seekers. Students with new ideas and projects are also provided with financial support infrastructure services. The MOE Institution Innovation Council cell works hard to generate excitement in young people engineering brains to produce innovations and thus lay the stones of business.

Role of Incubation Center:

  • To improve the capability of innovators in gradually developing technologies and designing their innovations from ideation to product.
  • To create awareness to incubatees on protect their ideas through patents and copyrights.
  • To create a space for everybody to innovate, ideate and develop solutions.
  • To conduct skill development programmes and entrepreneur ship development programmes for students.
  • Creating awareness to the students to find out the solutions for the societal problems through the incubation center.

Due to the above distinctiveness the following outcomes have been achieved by faculty and students for the AY 2023-24

Faculty Outcome:

  • Total IPR are 5
  • Faculty with Ph.D qualification in the college are 11
  • One faculty awarded with Ph.D in this academic year.

Student outcomes:

  • Student internships are 110.
  • Students participated in national and international conferences 25
  • Placements for this academic year 160+ and above package 4 lakhs above

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